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Welcome to my little area of food-related info: recipes, tips, tricks, videos, photos. If you are as much a foodie as I am, you might enjoy wandering among the items, and please feel free to contribute!

Haute Cuisine

A good friend of mine a while ago directed me to a movie entitled, "Haute Cuisine", or "Les Saveurs du Palais".  It was a fantastic movie! I would strongly urge anyone to rent it or stream it. Whatever you do, find it and watch it. It's a fantastic "Foodie" movie, and one of the dishes she produced jumped out at me when I watched it. It is the dish called "Choux Farci au Saumon", or Salmon stuffed Cabbage. I am going to attempt to create this dish, and when I do, whether or not it succeeds grandly or fails epicly, I will post photos and some reviews of it. It has intrigued me since I saw the movie... I'll keep you posted. 

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