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The Great Poets

Posted on August 1, 2014 at 1:50 PM

a great poet does not search

the great corners and valleys of the earth

to find the most beautiful peacock plume

which he will pluck and lovingly sharpen

to become a quill to write words.

he does not scour the highways 

for the finest parchments

made of compressed dried bright flowers

and expensive grains

that will be the canvas upon which 

he paints his words.

instead, he will take a burnt twig

on the edge of fire

and scribble those words 

that come leaping like sparks from his heart.

he will find a dried palm frond

or some bit of dried discarded

leather, where he will put down his words

and then

he will hide them.

a great poet does not investigate

and search the great literature of time

to choose the words that will evoke 

the most sadness, or joy, or anxiety,

or melancholy.

he uses the valve of acceptance

to open the reservoir of his heart

so that the words may flow 

like beautiful ripples and frothy waves

tumbling into eternity.

the great poet never solicits

favor of his work, or even criticism

from those more learned. he 

does not beg feedback; but rather,

those words, however common and plain,

will fall upon the fertile minds

of those whose heart-fields have been 

plowed, and crushed, and pulverized

into rich root-food. there they will take root,

and invite that person to dive 


into light.

derbeh   august 1, 2014

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