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How it Was That I Was

Posted on August 8, 2012 at 12:40 AM

i slept.

i cried.

i laughed.

i felt no pain.

i crawled, i grabbed, i reached, i climbed.

i ate bananas. i drank apple juice. 

I walked, ran, skipped, jumped through

many long youthful days.

I drank cool water

on hot days

from water hoses.

Hunted lizards, caught scorpions, 

sun spiders, horned lizards

and rode bicycles through rain-deep

summer storm ponds.

Crept silently around

and hid in salt-cedar corners

during warm summer nights

of hide-and-seek.

Made daily treks

barefoot across hot

asphalt rivers to swim

and play at the pool.

Played on hot lawns

with hot tongue-drooling pets

until it was time for bed.

Laid down at night,

and activated the force field

around my bed,

protecting me from the 

cooler-vent bees.

Awoke to cool air

and cold tile

in mornings buzzing outside

with blackberry bees. 

These were some early moments

of who I was.

dv august 2012

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